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Mindbug - Promo Pack 2022

Mindbug - Promo Pack 2022

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This extraordinary pack is a treasure trove of collector's items, including a complete set of all the highly sought-after promo cards released throughout the year 2022. 
Unleash the untamed power of exclusive cards that can turn the tide of any battle. With the Promo Pack 2022, you'll gain access to rare and elusive cards that were only available for a limited time or at select events.
The MindBug Promo Pack 2022 is thoughtfully produced of eco-friendly paper. 
Contains the following cards:
- Macow Dagon (Essen Spiel 2022 Promo)
- Unigon (Essen Spiel 2022 Promo)
- Chuck (Dice Tower 2022 Promo)
- Jazz Dog (Gameboy Geek 2022 Promo)
- Sluggernaut (First Contact KS Promo)
- Boar-Zooka (First Contact KS Promo)
- Ram Hopper (First Contact KS Promo)
- Ratomancer (First Contact KS Promo)
- Mindbug Bug (First Contact KS Promo)
- Slugapult (First Contact KS Promo)


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