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Mindbug - Beyonder Big Box

Mindbug - Beyonder Big Box

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Surpass all expectations and secure the ultimate deluxe version of the two new sets, Beyond Evolution and Beyond Eternity, combined in one expansive storage box.

This deluxe box includes:

  • Beyond Evolution Set (Magnetic Deluxe Box)
  • Beyond Eternity Set (Magnetic Deluxe Box)
  • 104 new cards for exciting gameplay variations
  • 4 player aid cards for seamless gameplay
  • 12 premium life point tokens for an enhanced gaming experience
  • 8 foil Mindbugs as special collector’s items
  • Deluxe storage big box for stylish and practical storage
  • 2 functional playmats featuring Earl B Bug and Captain Tentacles

Limited Availability: This exclusive set is a remaining stock from our Mindbug Beyond crowdfunding campaign and includes products that are no longer available elsewhere. Act now before our limited stock runs out!

Immerse yourself in the world of Mindbug and enjoy unparalleled gameplay with this unique deluxe edition.


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