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Mindbug - Base Set "First Contact"

Mindbug - Base Set "First Contact"

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Product Description
In Mindbug, you summon hybrid creatures and send them to battle against your opponent - but when you summon a creature, the opponent may use one of their Mindbugs to take control of it. Outwit your opponent in a fascinating tactical duel in which having the best cards and playing them at the wrong time can be deadly for yourself.

Become a Mindbug Duelist and play strategic duels with one of your friends.

Game Details
  • Players: 2
  • Age: 8+
  • Playtime: 15-25 min
  • 48 Hybrid Creature Cards
  • 4 Mindbug Cards


This is a pre order. Will be shipped after all Kickstarter and Gamefound backers received their products. Planned shipping date: September 2022

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