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Keyforge - Grim Reminders (DE) - Digital Deck Code

Keyforge - Grim Reminders (DE) - Digital Deck Code

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Receive one deck code via email to register a Grim Reminder Archon deck on the official Master Vault:  to claim it and be able to start playing with it online in minutes.


  • Receive your deck in minutes without shipping or delay
  • Check the powerlevel (SAS rating) of your new deck online (e.g. on Decks of Keyforge)
  • If you want to receive the physical copy of the deck we will store it and can send it to you later with all the decks you purchased to reduce shipping costs (we will store any deck up to 6 months in our warehouse under your account.)

How it works

  • After your purchased the deck we will send you the deck code via email
  • Claim your deck with your 15 digits code or QR code (Register the deck on ) You will need to register on
  • Check the decks SAS rating on to see how strong the deck is.
  • Play your new deck right away (e.g. on crucible online) against other Keyforge players world wide.
  • If you want to receive the physical copy of the deck later, send an email to with your order information (order ID + Name or E-Mail). You will only have to pay shipping once and we will send all the decks you bought in one package to save you shipping costs.
  • Note: The physical decks are in German


  • We will open the outer booster pack of the deck to get access to the QR and digital code. The plastic shrink around the deck will not be opened.
  • We will store the code in our shop database together with your order ID and keep the deck in our warehouse for up to 6 months (after the point of purchase).
  • The deck will be disposed after 6 months (after the point of purchase). 


We pack and ship every day. Delivery time depends on your location:
Germany: 1-3 days
Europe: 3-5 days
Worldwide: ~ 7-14 days

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